The Better Email On Accessibility

Jason Rodriguez
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Learn how to create more accessible and inclusive email marketing programs that work for everyone through copywriting, design, and code.

The Better Email On Accessibility is your guide to answering that question for your own email program. It’s a comprehensive resource that digs into the best ways to make more accessible and inclusive email campaigns. Whether it’s strategy, copywriting, and using inclusive language or designing and coding for people with different abilities and assistive technology, The Better Email On Accessibility will walk you through the steps needed to keep your email programs accessible, inclusive, and compliant.

Here's what you'll learn about:

Accessibility’s Importance: Make the case to your bosses (and yourself) for creating more accessible email campaigns.

Inclusive Copywriting: Understand language’s role in making your subscribers feel included and your emails more understandable.

Visual Design: Learn how to design emails that are easy to use for a wide range of users, especially those with visual disabilities.

Coding for Everyone: Get the code examples and techniques needed to create accessible emails for subscribers and their assistive technology.

Testing Approaches: Finally figure out how to test accessibility without breaking your workflow (or the bank).

Resources & Tools: Discover some of the best resources and tools for keeping your emails accessible, now and in the future.

And here's what you'll get:

An Expert Guide: A comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand, 120-page PDF guide that walks you through everything you need to know to create more accessible and inclusive email experiences for all of your users.

Video Tutorials: 24 step-by-step video tutorials that explain and build on the concepts presented in the PDF guide. Stream online or download for offline access.

Practical Examples: Realistic examples and illustrations of key concepts and clean, well-written code examples you can use in your own email marketing campaigns. Adaptable for any use-case.

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Get access to the full PDF, video tutorials, and resources for getting more out of your email marketing.


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